Common industry sundries, kitchen appliances, O ring, silicone rubber gifts and toys.

Physical PropertiesTest MethodUnitData
Model  NJ-LSR2020NJ-LSR2030NJ-LSR2040NJ-LSR2050NJ-LSR2060NJ-LSR2070
Appearance  SubtransparentSubtransparentSubtransparentSubtransparentSubtransparentSubtransparent
Viscosity mPa.s500,000500,000600,000600,000600,000600,000
Shore HardnessGB/T 531.1-2008A0203040505867
Tensile StrengthGB/T 528-2009Mpa55.
Elongation At BreakGB/T 528-2009%500450400300250200
Tear Strength
Die B
GB/T 529-2008KN/m101215201512
Mixing Ratio1:1 weight mixing.
Test ConditionMold temperature 120℃,cured time 5 minutes.
Package20Kg/Pail, 200Kg/Drum.
Room temperature less than 30℃,do not contact water, avoid sun exposure.
Expiry Date12 months, finish within 6 months is the best.